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Fly high above Lake Havasu! Once in the sky, everything around you takes on a new perspective. It’s thrilling to see high above the water. It is hard to describe the amazing view that you have at every angle. The beach, the people, and the incredible beauty of nature are nothing short of breathtaking.


Most rides are tandem and each flight is approximately 8 to 10  minutes with a maximum altitude of 1,000 ft. 


You will have the option of a dip in the water or a completely dry flight, whichever suits your fancy.

Sunset flight $129

Come fly high in sky with the backdrop of the setting sun. Enjoy complimentary bubbly and snacks as we chase down the world famous Sonoran Desert sunset.


Guests who are not interested in parasailing, but wish to go on an exceptional boat ride, or just snap some pictures at golden hour, can book as a non-flying observer- a great way to enjoy the beauty of this desert oasis from the water.


Come out for an unforgettable parasail thrill ride and fly high on this exciting adventure!

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